Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Timeline and Location Might Be Different Than We Thought

Hit it! The future is here! On Saturday, straight from San Diego Comic-Con, new details dropped about season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery  and the big news is…the ship may not have ended up in the spot it was supposed to be. Remember when Burnham was really clear about the exact planet and time period in the season 2 finale? Well…it turns out they might not have arrived exactly where and when they planned. So, where are they in the timeline?

In the season 2 Discovery finale “Such Sweet Sorrow Par 2” Burnham’s plan was to guide the ship through the wormhole, 930 years into the future, and end up at the planet Terralysium in the Beta Quadrant. At the end of the episode, Spock, Pike, Number One and the crew of the Enterprise all observed the final “red signal” from Burnham, letting everyone know they had made it safely to their destination. Except, it looks like they didn’t.

At San Diego Comic-Con, during the Star Trek Universe panel on Saturday, Sonequa Martin-Green confirmed the USS Discovery didn’t make it to Terraylsium “as planned” On top of that, showrunner Alex Kurtzman said the show is going “almost 1,000 years into the future.” Now, we knew it was going to be 930 years, so “almost 1,000” could still be 930, but it also might mean a little more?

If the Starship Discovery missed the planet Terralysium, then it stands to reason they may have over-shot their temporal destination, too. (This happened before in season 1!) If so, that means the new season of Discovery is even further in the future than we thought, and, possibly in an unknown part of the galaxy. (Then again, because they are so far in the future, the entire galaxy is going to seem pretty weird for this crew.)

The panel also reported that filming is underway in Iceland, which implies very strange new worlds will be glimpsed in the new season. And, if Discovery didn’t find safe haven at Terralysium, then it seems anything could be possible in the new season. Plus, with all this Borg stuff in the Picard trailer, it really makes you wonder…is Control totally gone?

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 debuts sometime in 2020, likely after Picard. There is no new trailer for the show, yet.


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