Star Trek: Picard Trailer Is Here. Let’s Engage With It

If anyone was worried that Star Trek: Picard will be a depressing Trek series all about Jean-Luc drinking wine and being super-sad, don’t worry. It’s going to be awesome. And the new full-length trailer reveals that this series isn’t just a story about Picard walking around on Earth and feeling sad. This new series is the true — and hopeful — continuation of the story of The Next Generation era of Trek canon. (Which — wow — means Voyager too!)

The trailer will send chills up the spines of humans, Romulans, Borg and androids alike. Let’s very happily make it so.

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Here it is!

For longtime Trek fans, the huge news is obviously the return of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, and Brent Spiner as Data or maybe B-4. What this means relative to the larger story of Picard is actually baffling, mostly because right now it seems like about a million fan theories were totally wrong. The trailer shows us a Borg cube, and Seven (a former Borg) is back, which really means this show is going to be about the Borg, right? And is that Data? or B-4?

Then again, the action-packed trailer reveals itself to be so much more than just a nostalgia-fest of things you already know. Picard is on a new quest to protect a young woman named  Dahj  (Isa Briones) and that quest will lead him to round-up an awesome crew of outlaws. But who is Dahj?  Why are people trying to get her? Does she have something to do with the Borg? In any case, the trailer isn’t remotely dark about any of this tension. People are smiling a lot and it’s actually uplifting as hell.

Speaking on Saturday at the Star Trek Universe Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Stewart explained that he’d turned down coming back as Picard several times because the moment never was quite right. He also explained that he wanted to make sure that the new series will not be about sadness and soul-searching, but instead, a declaration of hope. He also said that he personally made sure that the story of the Next Generation follow-up show was about Picard at his best, not at his worst.

At first, apparently, something in a script for Picard read “We never know do we, when our last moment will be?” But Stewart decided a re-write would make it better:

“We never know, do we? When our best moment will be?’

And based on this trailer, Star Trek: Picard is set to give us Jean-Luc’s best moment. CLEARLY.

The only sad news? It turns out the show isn’t debuting this year after all, but instead, will hit CBS All-Access in early 2020.


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