Lev Grossman and the Russo Brothers Are Making a Space Opera for Amazon

Talk about an ambitious crossover. Lev Grossman and the Russo brothers just sold a pilot to Amazon that sounds like Star Wars meets The Magicians.

Dubbed The Heavens, the series is described by Deadline as “science fiction in the grand tradition of classic space opera, but told in a dark, grounded, emotionally complex manner”:

“The story centers on Miranda, a troubled but gifted young woman who finds a powerful weapon left behind by a long-vanished empire. That discovery will launch Miranda on an epic adventure with a sprawling cast of characters, from a lethal super-agent to an alcoholic genius prince, as she struggles to unite a galaxy at war against a vast, ancient antagonist.”

“When I was eight I saw Star Wars in the theater six times,” Grossman told Deadline. “Ever since then I’ve been waiting to tell a story like that, with thundering starships and massive battles and charismatic heroes — but in my own voice, in a way that speaks to the moment we’re in right now.”

According to Deadline, the Russo brothers will produce the series alongside their AGBO compatriots Lindsay Dunn and Mike Larocca, plus Michael London’s Groundswell Productions (which brought Grossman’s The Magicians to Syfy).

Author Photo by Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0


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