Watch a Video from Grape Ape, a Riot Grrrl Band Straight from the Pages of Annalee Newitz

Our timeline has a powerful Riot Grrrl tradition! However, not every band made it here—some, like Grape Ape, reached their power in other timelines, and are only known to us through appearances in other media. In this case, Annalee Newitz, a scribe of our timeline, documented Grape Ape and their glory in her forthcoming novel The Future of Another Timeline. But now, to our great excitement, they’ve shared one of their videos!

We have to admit we’re confused that this timeline’s Charlie Jane Anders managed to cross over to tend bar for a Grape Ape show? But no matter—click through for the video!

In “What I Like to See,” Grape Ape sing a song celebrating grrrls of every stripe! And then they toast the destruction of the patriarchy and tie a stuffy man up in with a rope, with true alt ’90’s energy. Best of all, the song sums up some of the themes of Newitz’ book.

The novel Grape Ape springs from, The Future of Another Timeline, tells a tale of murder, time travel, and hope In 1992, seventeen-year-old Beth goes to a riot grrrl show, expecting a fun night out. But the night—and Beth’s life—take a very different turn when a violent confrontation leads to a friend’s abusive boyfriend being murdered. Beth and her friends embark on a new mission to protect other women from violence.

Thirty years in the future, a woman named Tess is using time travel to create a better future. She visits critical points in her timeline making tiny changes that shape the world. But just when she thinks she’s discovered a way to make a definitive change, she realizes she’s being pursued by a group that are determined to stop her, no matter what it takes.

The Future of Another Timeline will hit this timelines shelves on September 24, 2019!


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