What Sweet, Diabolical Scheme are Lin-Manuel Miranda and Chuck Wendig Planning?

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Chuck Wendig met up for breakfast at SDCC ’19 (maybe at The Good Place diner?), as evidenced by the Broadway musical star/writer/director’s tweet early this morning:

Is a collaboration on the horizon? Let’s go with yes. Here are some things we’d love to see:

  • A Dungeons & Dragons musical, following the plot of whichever campaign unfolds at the D&D panel with Sam Sykes this weekend.
  • Miranda’s inevitable casting as the scientist in Wendig’s The Wanderers, once it gets optioned for movie/tv rights.
  • Their own YouTube Channel where the two discuss their favorite sci-fi/fantasy books
  • OR, most likely, a musical based on this tweet:

“You Can Do Anything, Magic Skeleton” musical number CONFIRMED.


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