There’s a Heartwarming Story Behind This New Star Trek: Picard Poster

There’s a new poster out for the eagerly-awaited Star Trek: Picard show! And it looks like Patrick Stewart has introduced an ADORABLE element from his own life into the continuing voyages of Jean-Luc Picard.

A pitbull! (Or “pittie!” if you prefer, and you should.)

Back in 2017–as part of the continuing saga of Living His Best Life–Patrick Stewart partnered up with Wags and Walks in Los Angeles, an organization that nurtures and fosters rescue shelter dogs. He very quickly fell in love with a pitbull there by the name of Ginger.

Ginger was subsequently adopted in later 2017.

But it was too late. Stewart was in love and along came Emma, the pittie!

Star Trek Picard began filming in May 2019, just one month after Stewart began fostering Emma.


Star Trek Picard first poster

Okay that’s probably not Emma. The ears seem different. But still…looks like Stewart’s love of pitbulls made it into the life of Jean-Luc Picard! OUR HEARTS. MAY NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS.




You can read more about Star Trek: Picard here.


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