Maleficent Meets the Family in New Trailer for Mistress of Evil

While the first trailer for the Maleficent sequel showed a mysterious falling out between Aurora and her magical maternal figure, it looks as though their fight is destined to be a tad more… pedestrian than that.

Here’s the newest trailer:

So it turns out that they’re fighting because Aurora wants to get married and Maleficent is (understandably, given what happened last time) against romantic attachments? Michelle Pfeiffer is trying to take the place of Aurora’s mom? Chiwetel Ejiofor is here to introduce Maleficent to her own species? Not sure where this is going, but hopefully it’s a little more complicated than “how dare you very predictably grow up and want to have relationships with men, this means war“.

Also, there’s a new Prince Philip, since Brenton Thwaites had too many scheduling conflicts to return to the role. So, that’s a funny turn.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil will hit theaters on October 18th.


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