7 Lingering Questions We Have After Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the official closing of an era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while the movie did tie up a few loose ends left over from Endgame, it predictably left us with just as many questions as answers. Here are a few that are really niggling now that we’ve seen Far From Home.


How Did The World Accommodate the Blip?

We get a few vague ideas about what happened when half the universe suddenly reentered—Aunt May was taken for a mistress and stranger in her own home, for example—but the actual work that would need to go into rebuilding and reconfiguring a planet that lost and then regained half a population is… unimaginable. How do you handle housing? Entire homes worth of possessions that were left behind? Getting people work? Families torn apart and reunited? Families torn apart that now feature new family members from other relationships? Where do Peter and Aunt May even live now? How do you handle the psychological break between half a population that mourned and moved on, and another half that has to handle being “dead” for five years?

Do All of Peter’s Classmates Know the Truth?

Only one student, one of the un-Blipped kids, sees anything weird about how Peter keeps disappearing whenever boss battles occur. While MJ actually confronts Peter, all the other students just sort of shrug his constant disappearances off. And while, yes, Peter’s teachers are TITANICALLY incompetent, it starts to get actively weird that they just accept all the upgrades in the movie and never question him. Do they know he’s Spider-Man, but are too polite to pry? And if so, how will this knowledge play into/work against J. Jonah Jameson’s doxxing in the end-credits scene?

Are the Skrulls Going to Become Far More Important to the MCU Now?

With the reveal that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were Talos and Soren the whole movie, we now know that Fury is working much more closely with his pals from space. This means that the Skrulls could show up just about anywhere in the MCU’s future. It means that when you look at any given character, that person could be a Skrull in disguise. While it’s not exactly the Secret Invasion plot of the comics, it does leave more room for comedy… as well as a whole lot of potential handwaving if these films write themselves into corners. Oh, it didn’t make sense for a certain character to do what they did? Oh boy, look at that! It was a Skrull the whole time!

How Many Shitty Indie Bands Are Named “The Blip”?

Seriously, how many.

How Does a Superhero Unmasking Work When the Majority of the World’s Heroes Are Public?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fascinating place in that, aside from a few names, most of the superheroes are known. Matt Murdock has to keep it on the down-low because of his job, and Ant-Man and the Wasp are more rumors on the global stage, but the Avengers were very well known as people outside of their armor. So… what’s the scope of this kind of public “outing”? Will Peter be brought up on charges by the state of New York? Will the public rush to defend him? How does EDITH figure into the claims made against the kid? There are so many routes the narrative could take us, including “no one even believes this video, nice try,” but if they do, then Peter Parker has and long and increasingly difficult road ahead of him.

Shouldn’t There Be Some Kind of Superhero Communications Hub?

It just figures: Black Widow had a whole network up and running after the Snap occurred, and kept tabs on literally everyone, helping to dole out missions and keep news flowing between various operatives around the globe. Now she’s gone and there’s no one around to pull the whole thing together. No indication of whether or not anyone is living at the Avengers compound in the interim or how to get in touch with anyone else. Seems like the sort of thing their world desperately needs? The sort of thing that someone might have thought to piece together following the events of Endgame? Everyone is tired, we know, but… seriously?

What’s Gonna Happen With All That Illusion Tech?

You might have been excited if you remembered William Ginter Riva in Far From Home, better known as that guy who had to cower next to a giant arc reactor while Obadiah Stane raved at him about Tony Stark and caves and boxes of scraps!!!! (He was a producer on the original Iron Man, which is why he asked to play the part of Riva and agreed to shave his head for it, and there’s even more to that story, believe it or not.) But Riva gets the last laugh in Far From Home, downloading all of Mysterio’s tech and important video before the whole evil scheme goes to pot. Some of that video gets released, of course, but the tech is ostensibly now out there in the MCU, ready to be used by another supervillain. Or maybe Riva will save it to get his own revenge…


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