Announcing Over the Woodward Wall, a New Fantasy Series from Seanan McGuire

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of a new fairy tale series from Seanan McGuire, writing as A. Deborah Baker.

Over the Woodward Wall is a delightful tale for all ages, and tells the story of Avery and Zib and how they became lost and how they became found, again (although not necessarily found as we might understand it).

For those of you who have already read Seanan’s epic modern fantasy Middlegame, you’ll already be familiar with some of the story, excerpted as it is at the start of the various Middlegame sections. If you’ve not yet read it, you can still enjoy Over the Woodward Wall as it is connected to, but not part of the story of Middlegame.

Said Seanan McGuire:

I have always loved the trope of the book within the book, for as far back as I can remember. When I turned in Middlegame my editor asked, somewhat jokingly, if I had considered writing Over the Woodward Wall, which is a key part of that book’s setting. I replied, quite seriously, that I already had. Because why wouldn’t I, given the opportunity? This is a story about children and choices and cards and the kind of wonderful, terrible monsters we pretend to know how to grow out of.

Said Lee Harris:

“Somewhat jokingly”, indeed! Upon reading Middlegame it was obvious to me that Over the Woodward Wall was going to form the basis of my next discussion with Seanan, and imagine my delight on discovering that Seanan had already had the same idea! (Editors often have great ideas, though it is usually found that their authors have had them, first.)

Over the Woodward Wall (by A. Deborah Baker) is the first in a new series suitable for young readers of all ages, and will be published by Publishing in October 2020.


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