Here Be Dragons: Revealing Black Leviathan

Beware! A shadow will cover you, larger than that cast by any other dragon of this world. Black as the lightless chasm from whence it was born at the beginning of time…

Moby Dick unfolds in a world of dragon hunters in Black Leviathan, an epic fantasy of revenge from German author Bernd Perplies. Check out the cover to the English language version, coming from Tor Books in February 2020 and translated by Lucy van Cleef.

In the coastal city Skargakar, residents make a living from hunting dragons and use them for everything from clothing to food, while airborne ships hunt them in the white expanse of a cloud sea, the Cloudmere.

Lian does his part carving the kyrillian crystals that power the ships through the Cloudmere, but when he makes an enemy of a dangerous man, Lian ships out on the next vessel available as a drachenjäger, or dragon hunter.

He chooses the wrong ship. A fanatic captain, hunts more than just any dragon. His goal is the Firstborn, Gargantuan—and Adaron is prepared to sacrifice everything for revenge.

Cover art by Chris McGrath


Author Bernd Perplies has a great reputation in Germany for a very wide variety of writing in several genres. He has written the first Star Trek tie-in trilogy allowed by CBS outside the U.S. Black Leviathan (Drachenjäger in Germany) has been a finalist for Seraph Award, RPC Fantasy Award, or Deutcher Phantastik Preis, which it won in 2018. This is his first novel translated for the U. S.

Lucy van Cleef is an American writer and translator based in Berlin. After more than ten years as a professional dancer, she writes about arts and culture. Black Leviathan is her debut novel translation.


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