Netflix Reveals Black Mirror Season 5 Episode Titles and Teasers

The first trailer for Netflix’s Black Mirror season 5 (coming in just a few weeks) teased plenty of eye-popping visuals and potential storylines for its impressive roster of guest stars, while still keeping most of the plot blurry. With just a few weeks until the new season drops, Netflix has shared three new teasers, one for each episode, revealing the titles for each dystopian near-future tale. This time around, virtual assistants, fertility apps, and ride-shares are the pieces of tech that bring out the worst in their human consumers.

As the initial trailer might have hinted, the surprise casting of Miley Cyrus has the popstar pulling double duty as, well, a popstar, but also an Alexa-like personal device modeled after her brand. But while lonely teen Rachel is delighted at her new friend, the original Ashley seems to be spiraling, in “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.” OK, which aspect of Black Mirror’s shared universe is more likely—that the Ashley Too might be a cookie, or that we’ll get Cyrus’ rendition of “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)”?

“Striking Vipers” takes on fertility trackers and online dating and all forms of (in this series’ hands) life-destroying apps, with Anthony Mackie looking like he’s trying to escape the reality of one relationship for the fantasy of another:

And it’s unclear if Andrew Scott is the protagonist or villain of “Smithereens,” as a beleaguered ride-share driver who should probably switch out his guided meditation apps, because this one ain’t working:

Black Mirror season 5 drops Wednesday, June 5.


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