Netflix Releases Trailer and Premiere Date for Black Mirror Season 5

After last fall’s interactive special Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, it was unclear if Netflix’s dystopian series would return soon for a fifth season, or if Bandersnatch, with all its branching paths, counted as enough material for a season on its own. Today, Netflix made clear that there will be a new season of Charlie Brooker’s cautionary tales—”three new stories about the future that we should have seen coming”—and it’s coming soon, in the first week of June.

It’s a shorter season than usual, to be sure, but each episode seems to have a fascinating lead: Anthony Mackie, seemingly happily married yet tempted by some sort of dating app; Andrew Scott, driven to desperation by the constant bleep-blooping (his words) of people tethered to their phones at all times; and Miley Cyrus, as some worldwide phenomenon who must have her own dangerous relationship to technology.

There’s also a young girl relying on an Alexa-like assistant to supplement the IRL friends she lacks; some sort of interactive Street Fighter-esque game; and Topher Grace looking way creepy. Check it out:

Black Mirror season 5 premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, June 5.


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