8 Lingering Questions We Have Post-Avengers: Endgame

Despite the movie being three hours long, we still have a lot of questions about Avengers: Endgame and its aftermath, from more post-Snap ponderings to some super existential shower thoughts. We’re also wondering about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially with regard to the Disney+ TV shows, and where things are headed from here. Maybe you’re wondering a few of the same things…

Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame below. BIG SPOILERS. Seriously, stop reading here if you haven’t seen the movie yet. 


How do you recreate a post-Snap-Snap world?

Scott’s wanderings through the Bay Area reveal just how overgrown/dilapidated/abandoned housing is, with the presence of all the “vanished” concentrated in the big memorial in San Francisco. Infrastructure has collapsed and then rebuilt itself to some extent; governments have changed; some people have moved on with their lives (or are trying to). The world was dragging itself along, overrun and quiet and strange. Suddenly, the world is repopulated and everything that has been cast aside or left to rot has to be put back in working order. Somehow.

How exactly do you reintegrate half of the universe into another half universe that lost half of everything for five years? Because this is far more complicated that anyone is willing to admit. It’s likely that we’ll get some occasional off-the-cuff remarks from certain characters, but there’s so much rebuilding and reconciling that we will never see. The impact is far-reaching and immense, and it’s even harder than the original Snapture to integrate. And we’re just supposed to tuck that information away and shrug through it.


How did Cap actually return the soul stone?

Does he just, you know, hand it back to Red Skull all “Heyyy, I got this present I didn’t really want and I don’t want to take store credit for it but also I didn’t know where to put it, so here you go?” Also, what was that reunion even like? This is why we needed a Cap stones montage!


Did Peter’s entire class get snapped?

Or, conversely, did half of his class just continue on with high school and graduate? Meaning that whoever reappears has to pick up where they left off with high school, but with an entirely new cohort that would have been five years younger in Infinity War. It seems likely that Peter and his friends plus whoever shows up in Far From Home—Ned, MJ, Flash—all got snapped and now have to go back to school. Is the first half hour of Far From Home just going to be a new class of kids asking the post-Snap group where they were for five years? A montage of catching up on memes? Will everyone have a Steve Rogers-style notebook of albums they have to listen to now?

Maybe this is why the kids get such a lavish summer trip to Europe—lord knows they deserve a break after all this. But what are London, Paris, and Venice even like post-Snap? (Further question: If there are any shots of Notre-Dame, will they digitally edit out the spire?)


Where is New Asgard, and what happens to it?

Our assumption is that Thor, Valkyrie, Korg, Miek, and co. settled in Norway, near where Odin died—especially given that he says: “This could be Asgard.” But part of why they were able to build a bustling Nordic fishing village was the sudden disappearance of half the population, which handily accommodated the influx of Asgardian refugees. So… what happens when the rest of the village reappears? Who has a right to the homes, or the land or the fishing business that the Asgardians have been maintaining? This seems like a fairly heavy issue for the brand-new King Valkyrie to preside over? Nice of Thor to dip and leave her with that.



“A soul for a soul” is the explanation for how to obtain the soul stone, but the writers don’t take it any further into theological ponderings. Does this mean that everyone has a soul, as a baseline, since that’s the final factor for the loving sacrifice? And then there’s that exchange between Clint and Wanda about wishing their respective lost loved ones could know that they won… and Wanda seems to imply that Vision knows somehow. Does that mean Vision has a soul and is in some sort of gauzy afterlife with Natasha?


Is the Black Widow movie a prequel?

Seeing how not even Professor Hulk with the Infinity Gauntlet could bring Natasha back, the only logical explanation is that her long-promised standalone film will take place at some point before her noble sacrifice. Will we find out more about the Red Room? Will she head up her own spy thriller?


Where do all the Disney+ shows fit into the new timeline(s)?

Hawkeye seems pretty clear, since Clint got his family back—including his daughter Lila, who he affectionately calls “Hawkeye” at the start. While we would love the rumors about him also training Kate Bishop to be true, they could stop it at Lila. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier could be a working title to hide the spoiler of Sam inheriting the Captain America shield, or could even chart his progress getting comfortable with the mantle that’s been passed on to him.

Loki is presumably what happened to alternate-universe Loki after he peaced out of Avengers Tower with the tesseract during the time heist—which means he hasn’t experienced any of the character development from Thor: The Dark World or Thor: Ragnarok. So fans get Loki at his trickster mostest, with the potential to be redeemed all over again. But will we also see an AU Asgard, Thor, etc.? Or will Loki make mischief in some other corner of the universe?


What’s happening in Phase 4?

Mutants, obviously, right? Mutants who got snaptured? The Infinity War Saga was all about expanding the dimensions of time and space—now let’s see the remaining Avengers expand their horizons and meet other superpowered beings.


What questions did Avengers: Endgame leave you with?


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