Revealing Fate of the Fallen, a New Fantasy From Author Kel Kade

You know how this goes: in the face of insurmountable odds and grave, world-ending evil, the chosen one will rise up and save the world. Standard Hero’s Journey stuff, really. But what if that wasn’t how it went?

Mathias has always been the star. He’s the handsome one, the popular one, the one on the fast track to become mayor of his small town. Naturally, nobody is surprised when it’s revealed that Mathias is prophesied to be the one who’ll save the world. And when he rides off with his grumpy, slightly unstable best friend Aaslo in tow, no one has any reason to suspect their journey will end in anything but Mathias’s stunning success.

Until it all goes horribly wrong.

Now Aaslo must find a way forward on his own, as his fellow citizens start to believe that submitting to the forces of evil might be their best chance at survival. As hope dims, Aaslo and his anti-fellowship of miscreants must try to save the world — or at least survive until tomorrow.

We’re thrilled to reveal the cover for Fate of the Fallen, on sale November 5, 2019 – and to introduce the cover, here’s Kel Kade herself!

Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

Art by Jaime Jones


Want to get started on Fate of the Fallen right away? The Tor Books blog has a snippet for you which illustrates just how much a grossly incompetent horse can stall your quest.


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