6 Questions I Want Answered by Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is finally finally finally coming to theaters, and I’m seriously impressed with how much I’ve kept it together during the long, wintery wait.


Here are some of my most tremulous questions and the dearest hopes I’ve pondered as we all collectively prepare for Carol Danvers. (Add yours in the comments!)

1. Is Captain Marvel going to out-Top Gun Top Gun?

Are we entering a Zone of Danger? Despite Carol and Maria Rambeau being Air Force pilots (rather than Navy aviators as in Tony Scott’s tender love story), I sincerely hope so. Carol’s cat is named Goose, after all, and really all I want is for Carol to buzz past Nick Fury as he shakes his fist and yells “DAAAANVERS!!!!”. Or, alternately, for Carol or Maria Rambeau to serenade the other with a rendition of “(You’ve Lost That) Loving Feeling.”


2. Are we going to see hints of Monica Rambeau’s future?

Maria “Photon” Rambeau will be a main player here, and we know that her daughter Monica will be making an appearance, but will we get any hints about Monica’s future superheroic activities? Carol probably shows back up on Earth in the present day, right? When Monica will be all grown up and ready to save lives with her photonic powers?


3. What 90s songs are going to be included in the soundtrack?

We have heard tell the soundtrack is largely ‘90s songs. We have heard the Elastica in the trailers and TV spots. We have seen the Nine Inch Nails t-shirt. What other joys await? Tori Amos? A Bjork cameo? A deep cut from Nirvana’s Incesticide? (“Son of a Gun” may be too much of a banger to qualify, but…) PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me, played in its entirety during a space battle?

Okay, probably not that last one. But come on, movie. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Awesome Mix Vol. 1, now I’d like Awesome ‘90s Riot Grrrl Mix please and thank you! Will Bikini Kill make an appearance? Cause I’d like to hear “Rebel Girl.” How about “Pretend We’re Dead”—especially appropriate given the end of Infinity War. “Bruise Violet” off Fontanelle? Oooh, or a Team Dresch track? Or literally any track off of Hole’s Live Through This…which will be especially appropriate as we head into Endgame?

Or if we want to go a little later in the 90s, something from Sleater-Kinney’s debut?

Come on, Marvel. We know you can afford the music rights.


4. The De-Agening?

Will it work? Will it…not work? It only sorta worked in Civil War. Will it push us off a cliff right into the lush greenery of Uncanny Valley?


5. Coulson!

Phil Coulson is back, and he has the best of the Hot Topic Captain Marvel t-shirts.


6. GOOSE!!!

Can like 85% of the movie be Goose? None of the Avengers have pets and it’s driving me nuts. Where is Hawkeye’s loyal Pizza Dog? (Actually where are any of the animals on Hawkeye’s farm? Or crops for that matter? What does Hawkeye’s farm actually do?) Wouldn’t Steve Rogers have at least one rescue animal by now? Can’t Peter Parker have a fish or a turtle or something?

Leah Schnelbach wants it known that she would die for Goose. Come call her a maverick on Twitter!


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