Suggest Some Epic Instrumentals to Help Brandon Sanderson With Stormlight Archive Book 4!

Heads up, Brandon Sanderson fans! The epic fantasy author has posted an update on the start of work on the highly-anticipated fourth book in his Stormlight Archive series (now tentatively titled The Rhythm of War, as per the author’s latest update) and the challenge ahead is quite daunting.

Thankfully, you can help!

From Sanderson’s Stormlight Book 4 Update over on /r/Stormlight_Archive:

Writing a Stormlight book is not an easy or quick process. To finish on time, I’ll need to do 40k words a month every month this year–which is a tall order. (My average is around 30k a month, though, so it’s not impossible.)

That sounds like a lot of intense focus and work. But you can help:

What songs in specific (songs are better than artists, as I try to keep my playlists varied with only a couple of songs from any one given artist) do you listen to while reading the Stormlight books? What songs would you suggest to me that I listen to while writing the book? (Other than the Kaladin album, of course.)

Generally, I prefer things that have an epic instrumental feel to them–though I don’t mind words here and there. And I get tired of things that sound TOO trailer-esque. (Inception sound. Inception sound. Inception sound.)

Our own suggestion for a long instrumental psych-em-up:

Head on over to the /r/Stormlight_Archive update to post your own suggestions!

Image via Brandon Sanderson’s Instagram account update


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