Woman Creates Incredible Freehand Stitched Dune Covers

Over on Twitter, SummerRay drew attention to her mother’s phenomenal stitching skills, which have been employed over a few years making incredible artwork—they’re Dune landscapes (plus two more covers from artist Bruce Pennington), and you’ll need to see them to believe them.

Pretty sure her mom is kwisatz haderach.

SummerRay started with three works that reportedly took eight months a piece, each based on the work of cover artist Bruce Pennington.

Those are two covers for Dune Messiah and God Emperor of Dune, along with the cover to A.E. Van Vogt’s Children of Tomorrow, shown in all their bookbound glory via this helpful tweet from Ranaroth:

But there’s more!

Those next two are the Bruce Pennington cover for Children of Dune and Erik Van Lustbader’s Dai-San. According to SummerRay, her mother has refused to make more of these, and they’re not for sale (aside for two that her mother has already sold). But they are certainly incredible to ogle, and somehow incredibly soothing…


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