New Trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery Shows Spock’s Smile

It’s fine, we’re fine, Spock admitted to smiling, we can all die happy now.

Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season is closer than ever, and the wait is getting harder each day.

So who is this “red angel” anyway?

Seems like there’s a very “proto Kirk-Spock” vibe going on with Captain Pike and Spock. And Spock and Michael will get to spend time doing sibling-type things like saving the galaxy! And everyone is adorable! This trailer is pretty gorgeous—and even though it’s blurry, we had to share this glorious screencap with you:

Star Trek: Discovery, Michael Burnham, season 2 trailer, Spock

Yeah. This screencap is a big mood.

Star Trek: Discovery season two will premiere on CBS All Access on January 17th, 2019!


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