What Are the Best Books in Skyrim? (There Are Only 5, Maybe?)

If you’ve played Skyrim, you know that the world is full of books. You can find books, flip through books, hoard books. If you wanted to, you could probably spend the entire game just reading, and doing nothing else. Or collecting them. (Some people have done this.)

But if there are hundreds of books in this video game world… which ones are really worth your time? What if you just want the highlights, or the greatest hits?

In this book report from Polygon, Brian David Gilbert does us all a favor by reading every single book in Skyrim. All 337 of them. (He doesn’t count the journals and diaries because they’re accounts rather than books, per se.) He’s whittled it down to let you know what books you should spend your time on:

How are we feeling about that selection? Do you read all the books when you find them in video games?

Be honest. You do.



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