Check Out All the Awesome Cosplay We Spotted at NYCC!

New York Comic-Con has come and gone, and as always there was a ton of great cosplay on display from fans of everything from Star Wars to Animal Crossing—and of course every possible version of Deadpool. Check out some of favorites below!

We love the classic line-up above of Star Wars aliens, including Bossk, Firgin Dan, Admiral Ackbar, Greedo, and Nien Nunb. And this K-2SO is so impressive, but we have no idea how this cosplayer managed to navigate the show floor on those stilts!


This Hobgoblin came with his own working hoverboard:

Cosplay by @igor_pie_face / Photo: Marian Whalen


And Doctor Strange brought a less threatening puppet version of Dormammu along!

Photo: Sarah Tolf


This Hela made her own horned-crown not with magic, but with wire hangers and EVA foam:

Cosplay: Julia from PA / Photo: Ruoxi Chen


What’s a comic convention without Deadpool? This one brought his own Hello Kitty backpack to store all his swag:

Cosplay: @jlowcosplay / Photo: Sarah Tolf


And this one has apparently declared himself the Pope:

Cosplay: @I_am_pope_deadpool / Photo: Leah Schnelbach


The Martians from Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks have invaded, and we don’t even mind:

Cosplay by @eli_zucchi / Photo: Marian Whalen


Westworld hosts Dolores and Hector escaped their handlers to visit the convention:

Cosplay: Kate and Tim from New Hope / Photo: Ruoxi Chen


We assume The Shoveler was here to recruit more members for the Mystery Men:

Photo: Marian Whalen


We caught this Rorschach just before (we assume) they went to patrol the city:

Cosplay: @salgee / Photo: Leah Schnelbach


Hellboy came prepared with the Good Samaritan and the Angel of Death

Cosplay by @spazoutloud / Photo: Marian Whalen


Serendipity led us to the team-up we didn’t know we needed: Léon + John Wick!

Leon: @ortiz.josh / John Wick: @matthewscottkimple / Photo: Sarah Tolf


Sarah Connor and the T-1000 look awfully chummy, too…

Cosplay: @vixventure / Photo: Marian Whalen


Even Liberty Belle and her sworn enemy Zoya the Detroya’ can come together for Comic-con:

Photo: Sarah Tolf


Maurice Moss took a break from IT work to stop by the convention:

Cosplay: @ladywyntir / Photo: Leah Schnelbach


And Isabelle from Animal Crossing also took a much-deserved vacation day!

Cosplay: @akplan / Photo: Marian Whalen


The ultimate Sailor Moon villain, this Sailor Galaxia was appropriately sparkly:

Cosplay: @tila.pia / Photo: Marian Whalen


And we loved the full gothic lace of Lydia Deetz’s wedding gown:


This group of animal chefs from Overcooked seemed at ease with the frenetic pace of the convention:

Photo: Sarah Tolf


The details on this Horizon Zero Dawn cosplay are spot on:

Cosplay: @micromerc / Photo: Marian Whalen


As are the details on this Hunter from Bloodborne! Wouldn’t want to come across them in a dark, monster-filled alley…

Cosplay: @northgevero / Photo: Sarah Tolf


Street Fighters Chun-Li and Cammy make a great team:

Cosplay: @young_health_and_fitness / Photo: Sarah Tolf


The Legend of Zelda’s Skull Kid and Midna can only mean trouble for Link…


Plus there’s these two banana-loving Yiga clan members…

Photo: Sarah Tolf


Luckily we found TWO Links from Breath of the Wild, phew!

Cosplay: @silver_crystal_keeper / Photo: Sarah Tolf


This punked up Princess Peach doesn’t need Mario to save her:

Cosplay: @princ3ssdaisy / Photo: Sarah Tolf

Cosplay: @princ3ssdaisy / Photo: Sarah Tolf


But our favorite cosplay might be this stunning Bowsette, brought to life straight from fan art’s most recent obsession:


That’s it for this year! If you recognize the cosplayers behind any of the uncredited photos, let us know in the comments.


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