Watch the Outlander Season 4 Opening Credits

Starz screened the first episode of Outlander season 4 at NYCC, a full month ahead of its premiere—a delight for the fans attending, but that will make the Droughtlander even longer for those still waiting. We’ll have more on soon (spoiler: it’s GREAT), but in the meantime, Starz has soothed the burn somewhat by releasing the brand-new opening titles for season 4! As you know, this is very much my jam, and the new titles for Claire and Jamie’s adventures in the New World do not disappoint.

As the action at the season’s start takes place in North Carolina, a certain instrument became the backbone of the new credits. Watch and see if you can catch it:

“We fiddled with it,” executive producer Maril Davis punned at the NYCC panel. This might be the biggest departure from the original credits, what with the portions where Raya Yarbrough draws out the lyrics more, the added voices (infusing it with a very gathered-round-the-hearth feel), and other bluegrass-y touches. We’re waiting eagerly for Bear McCreary’s breakdown of what inspired the latest batch of credits on his blog; in the meantime, he tweeted about the new theme:

And we haven’t even touched on the footage yet! There’s so much more than we saw in the trailers, including the Frasers’ frontier life (and Fraser Ridge at top), but there’s more than a bit featuring Brianna. When she touches the stones on all that was me is gone? Chills. And of course, that final shot: trading the lush, rolling green of Scotland to gaze out over the New World that’s still very much new. I can’t wait to find out the context for each and every one of those images.

Outlander returns November 4.


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