Ever Wondered What the Known World of Malazan Looks Like on a Globe?

While there is no official, unified map for the world of Malazan, that has not stopped fans from constructing their own maps drawing from conjectures and clues in Malazan Book of the Fallen. Now, one especially crafty fan has taken that experiment a step further by making the world (affectionately and informally referred to as “Wu”) three-dimensional.

Redditor Feners_Hairy_Balls* bought a chalkboard globe and proceeded to draw the known areas of the Malazan world on its surface, then shared her fannish geographical work with r/fantasy and r/Malazan. Check out the globe in action:

I got a chalkboard globe and drew the world of Malazan (crosspost from r/Malazan) from Fantasy

You’ll notice that there is a vast swath of the globe, around the Domain Ocean, that is virtually unexplored. Feners_Hairy_Balls used this fan-made map of the known areas of the Malazan planet, constructed by fans based on series descriptions, as reference. This post from The Wertzone lists locations and which books take place in them (note that it was last updated in 2015):

  • Genabackis: Gardens of the Moon, Memories of IceHouse of Chains (prologue), Toll the HoundsOrb Sceptre Throne
  • Seven Cities: Deadhouse GatesHouse of ChainsThe Bonehunters
  • Quon Tali/Malaz Isle: The BonehuntersNight of Knives, Return of the Crimson Guard
  • Western Seven Cities: The Bonehunters 
  • Lether: Midnight TidesReaper’s GaleDust of Dreams 
  • Eastern Lether/Kolanse: Dust of DreamsThe Crippled God
  • Korelri: Stonewielder
  • Jacuruku: Blood and Bone
  • Stratem: Return of the Crimson GuardAssail
  • Assail/Bael: Return of the Crimson GuardAssail

Have fun searching out every location on the globe and guessing at what remains to be discovered!

*Some backstory behind the username


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