Prepare to Be Dazzled By the Latest Mary Poppins Returns Trailer!

Now that fall is approaching, it’s high time we saw another trailer for the upcoming Mary Poppins film! This time with a little more plot and some animation to boot!

Here we go:

It’s fun to see what the animated world will look like this time around! Blunt is clearly doing her own thing with the Poppins, trying not to ape Julie Andrews and put her own stamp on the role. Miranda’s “Jack” isn’t given much more back story, but he’s clearly along for the ride in much the same manner as Bert. Jane and Michael Banks are in a bit of trouble following the death of Michael’s wife, and it looks like they’re not the only people who could use some Poppins magic, given Michael’s three kids wandering about.

The supporting cast is a dazzling array of favorites (including Angela Lansbury, though we’re still rooting for an eventual Bedknobs and Broomsticks sequel)—but the real star is Dick Van Dyke, who, well into his 90s, can be found dancing on a desk toward the end of the trailer. Still magic as ever.

Mary Poppins Returns will hit screens on December 19 this year!


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