Call for Contributors: Fantasy Bloggers

Writers wanted! The blog is looking for fantasy experts to contribute in-depth essays, commentary, and analysis of your favorite books, authors, and series.

Do you know everything worth knowing about The Black Company? Do you have deeply held opinions about the magic systems of Robin Hobb, Max Gladstone, or Brandon Sanderson? Is there some aspect of The Wheel of Time or Harry Potter or Malazan that you’d love to discuss with other fans? Is there something everyone seems to be missing about Game of Thrones or some angle of A Song of Ice and Fire you haven’t seen explored? What are your theories about The Kingkiller Chronicle? Let’s talk about the work of Octavia Butler and Ursula Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, Ken Liu, and Philip Pullman—let’s ask weird and interesting questions about the worlds of Elizabeth Bear, N.K. Jemisin, Scott Lynch, Terry Pratchett, and J.R.R. Tolkien! We want discussions of favorite (and least favorite) characters, explorations of settings, worldbuilding, parallels and comparisons between the works of various authors, reevaluations of overlooked classics, and personal essays about what keeps us coming back to the books and series we love.

Send us your pitches: We’re primarily looking for standalone articles and essays about fantasy fiction—that includes all epic fantasy, but also any major works that might be lumped into fantasy/fantasy-adjacent categories. We will also consider articles about current, upcoming, and potential film and television adaptations of fantasy books and stories. This is not a call for reread pitches: if you have an idea for a series of posts or a column, that’s great, but each article would have to stand on its own as an individual essay (not as part of a sequence of chapter-by-chapter installments).

-The main requirement is that you know your stuff inside and out: Whether you’re pitching a lighter list post or an in-depth essay, your writing should display a high level of familiarity with the source material, and you must be willing to do any quick research/fact-checking the piece requires.

-If possible, please submit 2-3 writing samples or links to your work along with your pitch(es). Regular blogging or previous writing experience will be considered a major plus.

-In the interest of promoting the widest possible range of perspectives, we strongly encourage pitches that explore issues of diversity and representation within the fantasy genre in terms of race, gender, religion, class, ability, etc., as well as submissions that bring an unconventional, unorthodox, or underrepresented point of view to bear on fantasy fiction.

-Articles would ideally be around 7oo-2500 words, depending on subject. Payment is per article.

Those interested should email [email protected] with pitches, writing samples, and questions.

[Note: If you’re looking to pitch articles on other topics (non-fantasy essays, list posts, author appreciations, rereads, articles about TV, movies, etc.), please check out our Non-Fiction Submission Guidelines here.]


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