Patrick Rothfuss’ Dungeons & Dragons Character for Morty is Very Appropriate

The first issue of Patrick Rothfuss’ Dungeons & Dragons storyline in the Rick & Morty comics came out on Wednesday this week and the fantasy author nails the details of both D&D and Rick and Morty so precisely that we wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up writing an episode or two of the show itself.

We’re particularly amused by the alternate cover to issue #1 and its character sheet for Morty:

A closer look at the sheet by Rothfuss and illustrator Jim Zub:

Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons Morty character sheet

  • Half-orc, a rogue, and Bonds that state “what’s mine is actually just mine”? Lots of resentment there, Morty…
  • The rest of those stats and that below average Wisdom? Lots of banal resentment there, Morty…
  • Skill rolls that are safe enough to ensure no lasting harm occurs on his adventures? Lots of banal, traumatized, resentment, Morty…

In short, this looks exactly like the kind of anxious, self-reflective first-time character sheet Morty would produce for himself.

There’s more to the story, of course, and we haven’t even gotten to the part where Rick gets involved. For the rest, you’ll simply have to spoil yourself down at your local comic shop. Enjoy!


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