What’s Next For Uncanny Magazine, Post-Hugo Awards? Tune In For Uncanny TV!

For the past several weeks, the team at Uncanny Magazine has been in the midst of promoting our Year 5 Kickstarter with the promise of a new video magazine feature titled “Uncanny TV.” Hosted by Managing Editor Michi Trota and submissions reader Matt Peters, this will serve as the third pillar of Uncanny content along with our podcast, and of course our online/eBook magazine. Living up to the tradition of a three-time Hugo Award-winning publication is not a challenge we take lightly.

I’m Matt Peters, and I am the co-host of Uncanny TV, a web-based video show where we’ll explore the beauty of the sci-fi and fantasy community. Along with my co-host, Michi Trota, Managing Editor of Uncanny Magazine, we want to take all of you on a journey of weirdness, fun, and empowerment.

Being a part of geeky communities of various kinds is what brought us together—I’ve been a podcaster, SF/F fan, comics reader, and wrestling fan. I met Michi through her work as a firespinner with Raks Geek (a premiere bellydance, flow arts, and fire company by geeks for geeks), and by joining Chicago Nerd Social Club (an organization that hosts a number of nerd-friendly events) in its early days. Michi eventually brought me on to the CNSC board, and later asked me and my wife, Dolores, to be Uncanny submissions readers. And now here we are, excited and eager to get to work on another project together that combines all of our skills and nerdy passions, which hopefully we’ll get to share with all of you.

Michi Trota & Matt Peters; photos courtesy of Uncanny Magazine

Michi Trota and I decided to embark on this journey for several reasons. As Chicago nerds who also spend a lot of time online, we’re lucky to be part of such a welcoming community of writers, artists, and content creators, with a diverse range of ideas and backgrounds. In our experience, Chicago is a microcosm of what can make SF/F an inspiring and exciting community overall with its plentiful opportunities to collaborate, publish, discover new content, or celebrate what we love. It’ll be great to introduce our viewers to our world, and we’re excited for the opportunity to do so in this format. Also, Uncanny TV will allow us to explore the amazing things those in the sci-fi, fantasy, and geek community do to enrich their circles and the world around them.

One of the things that Michi and I agreed upon from the beginning is that we intend Uncanny TV to be a travel guide to fantastic worlds, fandoms, and experiences. In addition to interviews with creators, we’ll check out expos and conventions that focus on our favorite fandoms. We’ll talk to attendees along the way and find out what they’re excited to see. With so many events taking place in Chicago and beyond, getting a glimpse into what happens at these gatherings and picking the brains of the showrunners who produce them is worth looking forward to. Uncanny Magazine has been the home to some amazing stories, poetry, and essays over the past several years. Certain, smaller aspects of the SF/F experience can benefit from an even more nuanced and visual look.

Like many others, I like to snack while I read a good book. My personal favorite indulgence is a slice of pie with a cup of black coffee on the side. Nothing can compare to sitting in a comfortable cafe with the smell of fresh coffee hitting my nostrils, making me want to turn off the world and dive into some great sci-fi. With Uncanny TV, we’ll be able to bring viewers along with us to these places and give you that same feeling. We’ll find out what kind of environments your favorite writers like to create in, and even point out some unique bookstores that may be worth visiting. The heart of our show resides in Chicago, but we plan to explore fandoms far and wide and perhaps inspire people to find the comparable geeky places and organizations where they live.

This is just the beginning! We’re in the planning stages now and intend to provide frequent updates on our progress, ask for suggestions on what you’d like to see, and continue to provide sneak peeks of what’s to come. Be sure to check out our teaser videos available on the Uncanny Magazine YouTube channel featuring Michi and me with our first guest, my wife and submissions reader Dolores Peters, as we sample various unicorn-themed food items. Hopefully, you’ll join us and the generous members of the Space Unicorn Ranger Corp that have contributed thus far in exclaiming, “I want my Uncanny TV!”

Uncanny TV Presenter Matt Peters is an enthusiast of all things nerdy. Matt has been a voice in the industry for several years through his website and podcast Since Last We Spoke. He’s contributed to various media outlets both print and digital and has been invited to speak on panels regarding diversity in geek spaces at C2E2 and Wizard World. Matt is also founder of Core/Demo, a belly dance charity event that supports cancer research. You can find him on Twitter @MightyInkMatt where he frequently geeks out over comics, video games, and pro-wrestling. His favorite color is orange and he’s fond of the number “13.”


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