Spock, Captain Pike, the Original Number One, and Mini Episodes in Store For Star Trek: Discovery

At San Diego Comic Con, Star Trek: Discovery took the stage with news about the show’s second season… and confirmed a few very special guest spots.

According to now-showrunner Alex Kurtzman was keen to assure fans that will continue to be unlike anything they’ve seen before. The show will return in January of 2019, but fans can expect new stories in December with four mini episodes, each ten to fifteen minutes long. One of these will delve into Saru’s backstory, and Tilly and Harry Mudd are also to make appearances.

Wilson Cruz was on the panel, prompting questions as to whether there was more in store for Stamets and Culber. It turns out that Culber will be back… somehow. Cruz wouldn’t spill the beans, but we will see him again.

In addition, a sizzle reel revealed that Captain Pike will take command of the Discovery at some point in the next season. As fans were hoping, Spock will be there with Pike, as the current Science Officer of the Enterprise.

But that’s not all! The original Number One will also be present. Played in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry’s wife Majel Barrett Roddenberry, this character will now be played by Rebecca Romijn. That’s some exciting casting for a character who has yet to get her due.

Also, one fan asked if Captain Lorca might ever return. The answer?…Maybe. So that’s something to lose sleep over.


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