Gwen Stacy Lives at the Hands of Seanan McGuire in Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider!

At San Diego Comic-Con, the magic word for Marvel Comics was Spider-Geddon—something of a sequel to the Spider-Verse, or perhaps even revenge on that multiverse crossover event. And one of the players in Spider-Geddon is none other than Wayward Children author Seanan McGuire, who will write Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider!

McGuire sat in on the SDCC panel, seemingly like any other audience member… until, that is, up came the slide announcing her and artist Rosi Kämpe’s collaboration! At that point, what was there to do but let the cat out of the bag? Or, as McGuire puts it:

“The death of Gwen Stacy in 616 was the most traumatic thing that happened in a comic book during my childhood,” McGuire goes on to say in the thread. “Getting her back was a miracle. Getting to write her is… There are no words. I am so happy. I am so honored. And I am going to work so hard to make you all proud.”

The Spider-Geddon kicks off in October, ahead of the release of the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse in December. In the official announcement from late June, editor Nick Lowe describe the intent behind the massive crossover:

Spider-Verse took the multitudes of Spider-Characters and put them all on the same stage, and we’ve been playing with it ever since. Spider-Geddon straps dynamite to that stage and blows it to smithereens. The most dangerous Spider-Villain ever, Morlun, and his family of Inheritors, were trapped in the perfect prison at the end of Spider-Verse. But, like in any superhero story, there’s always a way out, and you won’t believe how these Spider-Eaters get out. But they’re out and they want revenge.

Spider-Gwen isn’t the only superhero readers get to meet through McGuire’s eyes: She’s sending Kitty Pryde to summer camp in X-Men Gold Annual #2, out August 1.

Top image via Seanan McGuire’s Twitter


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