Nightflyers Used Alien‘s Camera Lenses for Maximum Terror in Space

When Nightflyers‘ Executive Producer Jeff Buhler decided to adapt the George R.R. Martin science fiction/horror mashup for Syfy, he didn’t screw around: “We paid homage to the greats: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Psycho, Alien. The lenses were actually the same ones used for Alien.”

Buhler and the cast discussed their new show at San Diego Comic-Con. Check out some panel highlights below!

Let’s begin with a warning. This IS a George R.R. Martin adaptation, so, as Angus Sampson put it: “We don’t get to know what happens before each episode, so we’re always wondering, ‘Am I going to die this week?’”

Jodie Turner-Smith discussed the mission, saying, “What’s driving the Nightflyer out there is that we have to find a place to transplant the human race.” Her own character, Mel, was “genetically engineered to be off-planet.” But as the murders being, it becomes clear that the new mission will simply be one of survival. “Being on the Nightflyer is supposed to be this dream, but it becomes a bloodbath.”

David Ajala dug into the heart of his character, Captain Harris of the Nightflyer, saying that Harris is “elusive” and “struggles with human interaction.” which might be because he’s a hologram. The voyage into space “becomes a catalyst for him to become the best version of himself.” Now how does one prepare to play a hologram? “[B]e as supple and relaxed as possible.”


Eoin Macken, who plays scientist Karl D’Branin, isn’t afraid to ask big questions. “What will you sacrifice for the greater good … or does your idea of the greater good becomes subjective?” And to end with a second warning, well, we’ll let Macken sum it up: “As soon as I got home from filming, I immediately thought everything was haunted.”

So maybe watch this one with the lights on? Nightflyers is set to premiere on Syfy in late 2018 or early 2019.


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