Download a Free Ebook of A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham Before July 14, 2018!

Each month, the eBook Club gives away a free sci-fi/fantasy ebook to club subscribers. We’re excited to announce that the pick for July 2018 is A SHADOW IN SUMMER by Daniel Abraham, co-writer of The Expanse book series!

A Shadow in Summer is the first book in Abraham’s epic fantasy The Long Price Quartet, and is initially focused on Amat, a woman who has risen from the slums to become an influential business manager, and the only person willing to stop her world’s economic superpower from secretively dismantling the progressive and independent city she calls home.

The details of this struggle are…complicated:

The people of the city-state of Saraykeht live and work secure in the knowledge that their city is a bastion of progress in a harsh world. Their freedom supported by an economic power unmatched anywhere else.

At the heart of the city’s economic engine is the poet-sorcerer Heshai and the captive spirit Seedless which he controls. Faced with the constant reminder of his responsibilities and his failures, he is at once the linch-pin and the most vulnerable point in Saraykeht’s greatness.

Far to the west, the armies of Galt have conquered many lands. To take Saraykeht, they must first destroy its prosperity. Marchat Wilsin, head of Galt’s trading house in the city, is planning a terrible crime against Heshai and Seedless. If he succeeds, Saraykeht will fall.

A Shadow in Summer Daniel Abraham

A SHADOW IN SUMMER is available from July 10, 12:01 AM ET to July 13, 11:59 PM ET.

Download before 11:59 PM ET July 13, 2018.


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