Victor LaValle’s The Changeling Coming to FX!

Victor LaValle’s gorgeous, unsettling horror novel, The Changeling, wasn’t just one of the scariest books of last year, it was also the most interesting. Now the dark fairy tale will be coming to FX! The show will be produced by Annapurna Television, and the script will be written by Fifty Shades of Grey screenwriter Kelly Marcel.

The Changeling is a modern horror classic (you can read our review here) and like the best horror it uses genre tropes to dig into the muck that lies beneath society’s veneer. Apollo Kagwa has always led a…let’s say tense existence as one of New York City’s only Black book dealers. (It’s hard to concentrate on buying antique books when the nice suburban couple won’t let you use their bathroom, and the neighbors are watching your every move.) But Apollo thinks he’s stumbled into a perfect life when he marries librarian Emma Valentine and the two start a family. As baby Brian grows, Emma begins acting stranger and stranger, and Apollo starts finding increasingly unsettling photos on his phone. When a drastic action on Emma’s part breaks the family’s lives open, Apollo finds himself living in a terrifying fairy tale, fighting his way through secret islands, haunted woodlands, and a terrifying, mythical New York, all to try to win his wife and son back. The story examines race, class, true love, romance, revenge—all the good stuff—all while staying true to its horror roots.

In other words, this is perfect for a visual adaptation! You can find more info on the project over at The Hollywood Reporter, but in the meantime, who do you see playing Apollo and Emma?




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