Seanan McGuire is Sending Kitty Pryde to Summer Camp!

This one-off tale of the young teen Kitty Pryde will appear in X-Men Gold Annual #2, out on August 1st. “Like so many of us, I started reading the X-Men before I was old enough to have been a student at Xavier’s Academy,” says Wayward Children series author Seanan McGuire. “Kitty Pryde was my hero for most of my childhood. She was smart, she was curious, she got to be an X-Man and go to space and have a dragon for a friend—she was basically everything I wanted to be.”

Seanan is…understandably x-cited:

“The thing about Kitty is that she was the only teenager on the team for a long time, and so she didn’t really get to do a lot of what we’d consider to be normal teenage things,” said McGuire. “Or maybe she did, and it just wasn’t the focus, since it wouldn’t involve the rest of the X-Men. This book is filling in one of those gaps. It’s part teen camp comedy, part heist, and part reminder that the X-Men aren’t the entire world, whether you’re a human, a mutant, or still too young to know.”

X-Men Gold Annual #2 is written by Seanan McGuire, with art by Marco Failla, and a cover by Djibril Morisette-Phan. It’s on sale August 1 and can be pre-ordered and/or added to your comic shop file now.

X-Men Gold Annual #2


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