A New Space Opera Trilogy is Coming From James S.A. Corey!

Orbit Books has announced that following the end of The Expanse series, James S.A. Corey has been signed for a new space opera trilogy!

The Verge reports that Orbit Books has signed Corey—pen name for the writing duo of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck—for a new trilogy of books that will not be set in the Expanse universe.

In the press release for the new series, Franck explained that where The Expanse took its cues from works like Alien and The Stars My Destination, the upcoming trilogy will be an “exploration of the high concept science fiction that followed [The Golden Age of science fiction], with books like Dune and Hyperion and The Left Hand of Darkness.”

According to Abraham, “It’s big spectacle far future space opera, while never losing our focus on the complexity of human nature in these strange new settings.”

The first book in this new series is expected to publish after the ninth (and likely final) installment of the Expanse series, which will be out next year. More details are forthcoming.


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