Cosplay Spotlight from JordanCon X

The Wheel of Conventions turns, and Cosplays come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Convention that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called 2018 by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Conventions. But it was a beginning.

The wind spoke, to those with ears trained to listen. It spoke of Aes Sedai prowling the halls in search of False Dragons, and ta’veren tossing the dice. It spoke of wizards far from their homes in Chicago. It spoke of bridgemen and havahs and those who used metals to power their magic. It spoke of blademasters, daring those who might challenge them. It spoke of monsters and men, and it spoke of talent, and love, and joy.

Here is but a sampling of that wind, captured for your enjoyment. May the Cosplayers ride again upon the winds of time.

We will begin our journey with cosplays representing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, as befits JordanCon. Photography/editing is by the author, unless otherwise noted. All images used with permission by the models.

Aiel, Cat and Sera

Asmodean, Ava Cash

Bloc Oct Gleeman, Tony Cioffi

Gleeman, Emily Guyton-Lange

Liandrin (Red Ajah), April Davis

Accepted Dress, Victoria Pierce

Green Ajah Aes Sedai, April Moore

al’Lan Mandragoran, Michael

Matrim Cauthon, Scott Moore

Moiraine, Mildred

Red Ajah, Jagen Sedai

Sul’dam, Maureen

Wilders on the way to the White Tower, Alix Penny and Christine Wessling

Draghkar, Sophie Coleman of Ta’veren Tees. Photography by Cooper Blackwood.

Egwene Al’Vere, Jessie Lykens. Photography by Cooper Blackwood.

Graendal, MegaWatt Cosplay. Photography by Cooper Blackwood.

Trolloc, Paul Bielaczyc of Aradani Studios. Photography by Cooper Blackwood.

Moiraine Transition, Leslie Annis (Lannis). Photography by Cooper Blackwood. Lannis was the Best in Show winner of the JordanCon costume contest this year with her beautiful work.


Our journey to the White Tower complete, we now move on to a different Age, indeed… a different universe. The worlds of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere are varied, and their peoples even more so. I saw a wide variety of cosplays from Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive represented at JordanCon—here are but a few that I and my fellow photographer managed to capture.

Heralds of Roshar (Vedel, Ishar, and Shalash from The Stormlight Archive), Serpent and Badger Cosplay and Seth Jones

Ishar (The Stormlight Archive), Tony Cioffi

Adolin Kholin (The Stormlight Archive), Lyndsey Luther
Photography by Cooper Blackwood

Kaladin Stormblessed (The Way of Kings Bridgeman outfit), Brenda

Khol-ita version Kaladin Stormblessed and Adolin Kholin (The Stormlight Archive), Serpent and Badger Cosplay

Koloss (Mistborn), Mac

Mistborn, Lyndsey Luther. Photography by Donavynn

Mistborn, Tony Cioffi

Shallan Davar and Veil (The Stormlight Archive), Tara and Deana Whitney

Shallan Davar (The Stormlight Archive), Donavynn

Steampunk Navani Kholin (The Stormlight Archive), April Davis

Steris Harms (Mistborn Era 2), Yashuntafun Cosplay

Szeth son-son-Vallano (The Stormlight Archive), Norman (aka Hyperman500)

Vin (Mistborn), Diana Lekhtman

Vin (Mistborn), Donavynn

Lyn of Bridge Four (The Stormlight Archive), Lyndsey Luther. Photography by Cooper Blackwood.

Waxillium Ladrian and Steris Harms (Mistborn Era 2), Yashuntafun Cosplay and Seth Jones


While JordanCon’s programming is primarily for Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s works, the convention also welcomes a wider variety of fantasy fiction fandom. Cosplays from other book series, tv shows, video games, original designs, as well as historical outfits are welcomed and celebrated as well.

Cersei Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire), Yashuntafun Cosplay

Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files), Zach Blair (aka Innocent Bystander)

Molly Carpenter (The Dresden Files), Linnea Lindstrom

Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter series), Ellie Raine


Well, that’s all for this year! There were so many more wonderful cosplayers that we missed getting photos of—if you’re one of them, please feel free to share in the comments!


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