The Symbiote is the Star of the New Venom Trailer |

The Symbiote is the Star of the New Venom Trailer

Poor Eddie Brock can’t catch a break in the new Venom trailer: All he’s trying to do is expose all the corruption, only to get infected by the very symbiote—the key to evolution—that he’s investigating. While depicted as a villain in the prior Spider-Man movies, this Venom is being presented as more sympathetic: Embrace your inner antihero, this trailer says, while the synopsis describes Venom as a “lethal protector.”

What we want to know is, who’s the growly slash weirdly inspirational voice of Venom? Woody Harrelson, is that you?

The movie also stars Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Riz Ahmed as baddie Dr. Carlton Drake.

Venom comes to theaters October 5.


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