Fractured Bonds: Revealing Kim Wilkins’ Sisters of the Fire

We’re excited to share the cover for Sisters of the Fire, the second book in Kim Wilkins’ Norse-flavored fantasy series. In Daughters of the Storm, five very different sisters—the warrior, the magician, the lover, the zealot, the gossip—team up against their stepbrother to save the kingdom. The series continues in Sisters of the Fire, as an old enemy threatens the fragile peace they have built…

Cover art by Jeffrey Alan Love

Sisters of the Fire publishes in January 2019 with Del Rey. From the catalog copy:

Four years have passed since the five sisters—daughters of the ruling king—worked together to restore their father to health and to the throne, while fracturing the bonds between themselves almost irreparably.

Only Bluebell is still at home, dutifully serving as heir to her father’s kingdom. Rose has been cast aside by her former husband and hides in exile with her aunt, separated forever from her beloved daughter, Rowan. Ash wanders the distant wastes with her teacher, learning magic and hunting dragons, determined that the dread fate she has foreseen for herself and her loved ones never comes to pass. Ivy rules over a prosperous seaport, married to an aged husband she hates, yet finding delight in her two young sons, and the handsome captain of the guard. And as for Willow, she hides the most dangerous secret of all—one that could destroy all that the sisters once sought to save.


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