The Queens of Innis Lear Audio Excerpt

Three Queens. One crown. All out war. Dynasties battle for the crown in Tessa Gratton’s debut adult epic fantasy, The Queens of Innis Lear. We’re excited to share two excerpts from the audio book below—the introduction to Part 1, and Chapter 1, The Fox—as read by Kate Reading.

It begins when a wizard cleaves an island from the mainland, because the king destroyed her temple…


The Queens of Innis Lear is available March 27th from Tor Books. From the catalog copy:

Gaela, Ruthless Commander: I am the rightful heir of Innis Lear. No more will I wait in the shadows and watch my mother’s murderer bleed my island dry. The King’s hold on the crown must end—willingly or at the edge of my sword.

Regan, Master Manipulator:  To secure my place on the throne, I must produce an heir. Countless times I have fed the island’s forests my blood. Yet, my ambition is cursed. No matter what or whom I must destroy, I will wield the magic of Innis Lear.

Elia, Star-blessed Priest: My sisters hide in the shadows like serpents, waiting to strike our ailing king. I must protect my father, even if it means marrying a stranger. We all have to make sacrifices. Love and freedom will be mine.

You can find the audio edition from Macmillan Audio or get the print and ebook edition at the links below!


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