The Internet Remembers Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the acclaimed physicist whose work defied conventional conceptualization and which led to a much deeper understanding of the extreme forces of the cosmos, passed on March 14, 2018 (Einstein’s birthday, as many have noted) at the age of 76.

Remembrances have been pouring in from Hawking’s contemporaries across a variety of fields, from those who worked with him, to those inspired by him, to those who depicted him, and to those who just…kind of had fun messing around with him.


From the field of physics

An inspiring story from Dr. Katherine J. Mack:

From theoretical physicist Dr. Brian Greene:

From Neil deGrasse Tyson:


From the entertainment media


From world leaders…


…who also teamed up with Hawking to form the Vice Presidential Action Rangers (Futurama)

Vice Presidential Action Rangers Futurama Stephen Hawking


And speaking of fun pop culture that Hawking was always game for

The New York Times, “6 Memorable Cultural Moments Inspired by Stephen Hawking”:

Motherboard: “Stephen Hawking Finally Won One of His Famous Bets



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