Here’s How The X-Men Would Use Social Media

Mystique has an entire cottage industry of social media trolling.

Just the other day, video game creator and cartoonist Joffe started wondering what Wolverine would be like with a smartphone. What resulted was a rapid-fire tweetstorm of all the various SCARILY ACCURATE* ways that the X-Men and their assorted mutant/alien/whatever brethren act on social media.

*Although Gambit’s probably a Tumblr obsession more than a Twitter one, but anyway…


You can jump into this game, too! Emma Frost probably has assistants finely curating her Instagram and Twitter, with endorsements of edgier GOOP-style products on a secondary Pinterest. Doop splits his time between his surreal improvisational Twitch stream and his more cohesive YouTube edits. Forge is KIND OF A BIG DEAL on Stack Exchange and the Maker sub. Glob Herman and Beak both have video game speedrunning streams. Husk moderates several activist subreddits. Storm has verified accounts on Twitter and Facebook where she releases statements regarding political/societal events of the day….

We like this game a lot.


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