Netflix Reveals New Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer and Premiere Date!

Those sneaky folks at Netflix—despite just posting a video of their remaining 2017 releases, which did not include Black Mirror, they’ve now revealed in a separate announcement that Charlie Brooker’s cheekily nightmarish series will have its fourth season before the year is out. On December 29, to be exact. The perfect way to say goodbye to 2017, right?

For the past two weeks, the Black Mirror Twitter account has been tweeting agonizingly slow hints to the new season: a poster one day, a teaser the next, for all six episodes. While we would not have been surprised if, following the last teaser, Netflix had just dropped the entire season, they’ve given us some warning, plus a new trailer:

Because judging by everything we now know from the combined promotions, this is going to be the most wide-ranging season in terms of content. I’m keeping this surface-level so as not to speculate too much or lean too much into potentially spoilery content, but we’ve got invasive parenting apps, deadly runaway robot dogs, a Star Trek riff that seems to take place in space (or perhaps virtual reality?), dating apps that come with relationship expiration dates, ruminations on memory and privacy… and an entire museum devoted to what looks to be the worst moments in the entire series to date.

Hoo boy. A little over three weeks, folks.

Black Mirror season 4 drops Friday, December 29.


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