The Magicians’ Season Three Trailer is Going on a Quest

Magic is gone, but the Muntjac is ready for its close-up! The ship that takes Quentin on a tax-collecting adventure in Lev Grossman’s second Magicians novel, The Magician King, is likely to play a major role in season three of The Magicians, which is going to involve one heck of a quest: Just a little trip to get magic back, no big deal…

Check out the new trailer for season three, and let the theorizing begin!

Magic has gone poof and people … are not dealing with it well. (There’s an interesting shade of Mr. Robot-like post-crash desperation to a few of these scenes.) Julia, as we knew from the end of season two, has a tiny spark. We don’t know why Penny’s wearing that suit, though—at this year’s New York Comic Con, executive producer John McNamara definitely thought his wardrobe shift was worth bringing up.

But most importantly, High King Eliot, probably First of His Name, is going on a quest. Maybe leading the quest, despite the fact that “That sounds like something I might really fuck up.”

“You have friends, don’t you?” the peacock man asks him, and gives a rundown: the one-eyed conqueror (Margo, ready to “go full ’07 Britney”); the traveler (Penny); the warrior (Kady); the fool (Quentin); the god-touched (Julia); and, er, the torture artist. That would be Alice, one eyebrow quirked.

This trailer is notably short on Quentin, and seems to be spotlighting Eliot, unless the voiceover at the end is referring to someone else: “The quest I bestow on you is the task you were born for. Claim it.”

Join the season three quest (and inevitable shenanigans) January 10th on Syfy.


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