“Ringwraith” Remains Best Halloween Costume

As we hurtle toward Halloween, or, as we like to call it, THE GREATEST DAY OF THE YEAR, we were reminded of what may be the greatest Halloween costume in recent memory. All you need is a Nazgûl outfit, a black horse, and an ability to ask after the whereabout of “Baggins” and the “Shire” in a creepy voice. The original costume was created by thespooklock (who has since deleted their Tumblr presence) and as you can see, it’s terrifying. Especially when viewed through that fabulous German Expressionist angle.

Click through for more Nazgûlery!

Now, granted, this costume is probably easier to achieve in a lonely field:


Or a shadowy, not-quite-Fangorn-forest:

But we’d like to imagine a Nazgûl going door-t0-door, asking for the location of the One Ring, and having to accept those Reeses Cups that are supposed to be pumpkin-shaped but actually just look like weird blobs. Maybe he and the other eight Ringwraiths could go all the way over to the rich neighborhood, where every single house gives out King-Sized candy bars instead of the stupid Fun-Size ones, and then maybe they can try to sneak into the cemetery to frighten some goth kids.

You can see the whole post over at reddit!


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