Watch the First Trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising!

The kaiju have evolved in the first trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising, but good thing Stacker Pentecost’s son is here to cancel the apocalypse again! Just like his dad, Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) narrates this rematch, full of jaegers hurling crazy weapons and wielding laser swords. He doesn’t have an instantly-memorable catchphrase like ol’ Stacker, but give him time.

The gang’s all (mostly) back: Geiszler and Gottlieb—the briefest of glimpses of Mako Mori, but fingers crossed she, too, will be a late-game stakes-raiser in the movie. As with any sequel, Jake’s got some friends in his new copilots, Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood) and Jules (Adria Arjona).

And is that… a kaiju stitching itself back together? Wuh oh.

Pacific Rim: Uprising comes to theaters March 23, 2018, and we have more details from the New York Comic Con panel below!

When asked what single word they would use to describe their Pacific Rim experience, the answers were as follows:

  • Scott Eastwood — “International”
  • John Boyega — “Unity”
  • Cailee Spaeny — “Life-changing” Which is fair enough because this was her first film ever. It was wonderful listening to her go on about the research that she did for the role and what a crazy learning curve it was for her to jump right into a giant blockbuster as a first project.

Burn Gorman was asked about how this experience compared to his other projects (Torchwood, Dark Knight Rises), and he insisted that he had been lucky with “this face that God gave me” to play a host of villains and jerks. He claimed that Pacific Rim: Uprising was an excellent film to work on because director Stephen S. DeKnight kept a very relaxed set where people were free to offer creative input.

John Boyega was an actor and a producer on this film, and was very keen to talk about being involved in the development of the story. When asked about what it felt like to be a “sci-fi icon,” he claimed that he didn’t feel like one… yet. He then added “If you’re asking whether it’s my plan to be in every one of these franchises by the end. Yeah! So this is a good start.”

Adorable cast is adorable.


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