Snow Crash, Ringworld, and Lazarus All in Development for Amazon Prime |

Snow Crash, Ringworld, and Lazarus All in Development for Amazon Prime

Three SFF classics might be hitting a screen near you—Snow Crash, Ringworld, and Lazarus are all being developed for television! That’s right, next year you’ll be able to watch an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s blinking neon warning about the dangers of capitalism…on Amazon Prime. If they go to series, the shows will join the streaming services already-impressive offerings, which include the stellar adaptations of The Man in the High Castle and The Tick, as well as the upcoming anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.

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Ringworld by Larry NivenRingworld will be a co-production with MGM, and was actually originally planned for development with SyFy alongside The Man in the High Castle before both projects came to Amazon. Larry Niven’s 1970’s book series follows Louis Gridley Wu, who finds that his 200th birthday in future Earth is bringing him nothing but ennui. He decides to join an expedition to “Ringworld”, and embarks on a journey that takes him beyond Known Space and into a strange new world.



Lazarus will be written by comics scribe Greg Rucka, who will also executive produce along with Michael Lark, who previously worked on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Angela Cheng Caplan. Lazarus is a near-future tale of the sixteen rival families who rule the world, and who each vie for ultimate power through battles and romantic entanglements. The Lazarus of the title in the name for the super soldiers most families employ.


Finally, Snow Crash will be a one-hour drama, co produced with Paramount TV and executive produced by Ant-Man’s Joe Cornish (Ant-Man) and Frank Marshall of the Kennedy Marshall Company. It will adapt Neal Stephenson classic, neo-quasi-cyberpunk novel which introduces us to pizza deliveryman/hacker Hiro Protagonist, his business partner YT, and their adventures in a future divided between life in a grim corprocracy and in the Metaverse, a virtual reality that is being threatened by a terrifying virus.

All of these stories are fascinating launching points for television adaptations – which ones are you most excited for?


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