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The Deadliest Woman in Space Returns in a Third Voidwitch Saga Novella by Corey J. White

Mariam “Mars” Xi made her explosive, violent debut earlier this summer in Killing Gravity, ripping apart space fleets and hordes of imperial shock troops as she stayed one step ahead of MEPHISTO. In 2018 she’ll return to reap the bitter rewards of her escape in the second Voidwitch Saga novella, Void Black Shadow. Now, I’m proud to announce that Tor.com Publishing has acquired a third Voidwitch novella from Corey J. White in a deal with his agent, Martha Millard of Sterling Lord Literistic.

Now that she’s reduced her enemies to smoking ruins, it’s time for Mars to take control of her destiny and find the man who made her who she is: her father. Secrets wait for her beyond the reach of the empire, where mad science and corporate greed combine in new and horrifying ways.

Corey J. White had this to say about the sale:

When I first wrote Killing Gravity, I knew there were more of Mars’ stories that needed to be told. I’m so excited to be working again with Carl and everyone else at Tor.com Publishing, and I can’t wait to get all three entries in the Voidwitch Saga out.

The third volume in the Voidwitch Saga is expected in late 2018. You can buy Killing Gravity now, or pre-order the sequel Void Black Shadow, coming March 27th.


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