Star Wars Has an Evil BB-8 Now. His Name is BB-9E, and He’s Here For Your Money.

However much we may love Star Wars, it is largely a merchandising juggernaut, and the latest addition to that juggernaut has arrived due to “Force Friday II“.

It’s an evil BB-8.

You can tell because it’s awash in Imperial/First Order monochrome and not as rounded as Poe Dameron’s copilot. Also because its name is BB-9E and the “E” clearly stands for “evil.”

Also maybe because its sensor eye is weirdly reminiscent of HAL, and its head looks like an upside down cereal bowl.

Or maybe it’s just evil because Sphero has created another smartphone-controlled version like their BB-8 model, and people will have to shell out $149 bucks all over again if they want to start a droid battling ring like the one that C-3PO and R2-D2 get thrown into in that one Clone Wars episode.

No, honestly, I’ve figured it out–this is the seed of a TIE fighter. It will slowly expand into a ship if you leave it in a cargo bay for a lengthy period of time. Before it’s allowed to grow into its potential, it has to do a lot of espionage, probably.

I wonder if it’s mean to all the mouse droids.


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