Michael Bolton Sings the Game of Thrones Theme as an Epic ’80s Power Ballad

Bless the Screen Junkies for giving us laughter: After being nominated for an Emmy the second year in a row, they’ve released a special “For Your Consideration” Honest Trailers tackling TV themes. And who best to help them cover famous theme songs than movie buff Michael Bolton? Because House Bolton does what it wants.

We found this video via The Daily Dot, who focused on Bolton giving the perfect words to Game of Thrones’ already epic theme: “I am a wolf in dragon’s clothing / and it’s tearing me apart” is just one gem. But the whole video is worth watching, for Natasha Bedingfield singing about the Upside Down to the Perfect Strangers Theme and Paula Cole bringing back all of our Dawson’s Creek memories while smashing the patriarchy with Offred and the other Handmaids.

Then Bolton carries us home:

His Game of Thrones cover—with him acting out parts, naturally—is almost as epic as “Jack Sparrow”:

And that’s high praise. Screen Junkies better nab that Emmy.


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