How Can We Make the Good Omens TV Series Even More Perfect?


The adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens is picking up steam! We already have the perfect Crowley and Aziraphale (in case you didn’t know, it’s DAVID TENNANT AND MICHAEL SHEEN), but that’s just the beginning of the casting process. We have some suggestions for the rest of the adult characters—we’re not casting the kids ’cause kids are hard. They just… grow up, and change rapidly, and then your perfect ensemble cast is destroyed. Let us know what you think of our ideas, and make more suggestions in the comments!


Newton Pulsifier

Alfred Enoch! He played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films before going on to play Wes Gibbins on How to Get Away with Murder, where he had to use a combination of charm and quick wits to catch up with his far more prepared fellow students. We think he’d be delightful as accident-prone, “Walking Techbane” Junior Witchfinder Newt.


Anathema Device

Pearl Mackie, Doctor Who

Pearl Mackie would be flipping adorable in this part. She could give Anathema that no-nonsense vibe, while still being patently hilarious, as she’s already proven in her role as Bill Potts on Doctor Who. Also, listening to her recite Agnes’s prophecies to people not in the know would be delightful.

Jade Eshete, Dirk Gently

On Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Jade Eshete showcases Farah Black’s strength and ingenuity, but also her sometimes crippling neuroses. She creates a perfect balance of tough and vulnerable, and we think she’d be perfect to bring Anathema’s hippie side, as well as the eternal burden of being the descendant of a prophesying witch.


Sgt. Shadwell

There’s only one man for this job, and that man is Billy Connolly. The part was practically written for the guy, there is no denying this. Come to dark side, it has witchfinders.


Madame Tracy

Miriam Margolyes, Plebs

Miriam Margolyes is one of the greatest comedians and character actors in Great Britain, period. She would be superbly over the top as Madame Tracy, wearing all her baubles with aplomb. She’s already well-known to fans of fantasy fiction for parts in Harry Potter, Merlin, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, and she can wear a cape like no one’s business. She was the perfect overbearing aunt in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. This part fits her like a glove.



Mark Gatiss! Snarky, mean, looks good in black, can rock a sharp suit. He’d be a great choice for Raven Sable.

Robin Lord Taylor

Robin Lord Taylor is fantastic as the deeply icky Penguin on Gotham, and he would bring the right ratio of evil and pragmatism to Famine.


Pollution (AKA Chalky, AKA Mr. White)

OK, this one’s maybe a little too on the nose, but how fun would it be to have Tech Boy pop over from American Gods to play the youngest member of the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse? We think Bruce Langley is a perfect sell for this one.


War (AKA Carmine “Red” Zuigiber, AKA Scarlett)

Gwendoline Christie, Game of Thrones

Gwendoline Christie practically is the embodiment of war at this point, right? She’s wielded everything from blaster rifles to broadswords while barely breaking a sweat. Just dye her hair red and hand her the weapon of your choosing. She’s got this covered.

Diana Rigg, Game of Thrones

There is no reason War has to be played by a younger woman, and Diana Rigg has all the clout and then some. Remember when she was Mrs. Peel on The Avengers, and was constantly kicking people’s butts? Remember when she continued to do so on Game of Thrones? Yeah, we thought so. She should just keep doing that. Our hearts would be happier. Put Diana Rigg on a motorbike.

Sophie Okonedo, The Hollow Crown

Sophie Okonedo is everything. She rules as Liz Ten on Doctor Who, and she rules everywhere else her perfect feet land. She was a certified badass in red in Aeon Flux running alongside Charlize Theron. She was Queen Margaret in The Hollow Crown‘s Henry VI, there in full chainmail with a sword at her side. She would be amazing.



Arthur Darvill, Legends of Tomorrow


BUT. One of us (It’s Leah. This shit is always Leah) wouldn’t shut up about Craig Ferguson doing DEATH’S VOICE, with his old skeletal sidekick, Geoffrey Peterson, supplying DEATH’S BODY. So, there’s that.



Archer Basher-Parrot

We’d like to nominate Emily’s dog, Archer. He’s a very good boy.


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