Reverse Fan Theories Make Any SFF Story 100% Cuter

Remember when that Harry Potter fan theory about him never actually escaping the cupboard went viral and ruined our collective weeks? Yeah, those little thought experiments are momentarily arresting in an oooh layers slash hidden meanings way, but the more of them people come up with, the more they grasp at logic. Also, they’re just so damn sad. So, Tumblr user lokiloo had an idea: do the reverse, and come up with the cutest possible explanation for the darkest stories!

This post originated in 2015 but recently resurfaced on Facebook via the Writing About Writing page:

reverse fan theories SFF Game of Thrones Dungeons and Dragons

The ensuing Facebook conversation has generated even more great reverse theories, several jumping on the D&D bandwagon:

Supernatural is just two brothers who are really into Halloween.

[Animorphs is] a seasoned D&D veteran decides to run a game for his 5 year old and their friends who were curious. They all chose the same class.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is just a White Wolf LARP for a group of high school outcasts run by their librarian who thought role-playing would give them some self confidence, especially the new girl who was accused of setting her old school’s gym on fire. It continues on long after high school but they keep it going because saving the world is incredibly empowering. Buffy grows up to be a guidance counselor and eventually starts Slayer Clubs in high schools around the country.

Welp, at least now our tears are happy ones.

Join the fun with your own theories!


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