When Was the First Time You Saw Yourself in a Book? On a Screen?

When was the first time you saw yourself represented in media? Depending on your racial background and gender identity, this might be an emotional topic for you. The fabulous folks over at Black Girl Nerds have partnered with Netflix to produce a project called #FirstTimeISawMe, in which the site’s writers and editors talk about the characters that spoke most to them as kids. They’ve also taken to Twitter to ask readers to post their own stories under the hashtag. The writers focus on TV characters, and go on to mention specific Netflix shows that speak to them now, as adults, but the hashtag is full of characters from film, television, and books.

The first moment you see yourself onscreen can stick with you for years:


A moment of appreciation for these ’80s style icons:


A love of Star Trek leads to great things:


And The Craft continues to bewitch:

Head over to Black Girl Nerds to read more about the project, and tell them about the first time you saw yourself represented on the hashtag #FirstTimeISawMe!


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